Ideal Carpet Inc. has a large selection of Area rugs and Runners in all different styles of Contemporary, Classic, Traditional, Safari, Palm Tree or Shaggy, Pastel or Colorful colors... just what you might be looking for!
Area rugs are essential in designing a room, it can add value and personality to any room at an affordable price.

We Carry Area Rug Sizes*: 
5' x 7' (+/-)
8' x 10' (+/-)
Round Different Sizes
Runners 2.7' x 7' (+/-)
Ovals 5' x 7' (+/-)

*Sizes vary by collections.

Call for Details: 407-891-2000

We sell Area Rugs, what is made mostly with fiber of the popular Olefin what is valued in the carpeting industry for its wool-like appearance!

Olefin’s finish can range from low lustre (matte) to a high sheen. Olefin is a popular fiber for area rugs as it's highly stain-resistant feature.  Olefin or other name used as Polipropylene  is hydrophobic, meaning that it doesn't absorb liquid. Due to this, olefin must be solution dyed (the color is added into the fiber during production, instead of dyeing the fiber after it's made). Because solution-dyed fibers have no open dye sites (since they are technically not dyed) there is nowhere for stains to attach themselves to, so these fibers are highly resistant to staining.

If you are looking for Expensive Wool Rugs:
Ideal Carpet is NOT the place for you!